Course Syllabus

Introduction - How to use the Trademarks 103 Videos

How to Read an Office Action

How to Contact the Attorney Reviewing your Application

How to Electronically Respond to an Office Action

I received a Non-Final Office Action

I received a Final Office Action

How to Respond to an Examiner’s Amendment

I received a Priority Action or an Examiner’s Amendment/Priority Action

Need help navigating the USPTO electronic system?

Disclaimer Requirement

Entity Clarification Requirement

Amended Mark Description and/or Color Claim

Amended Identification of Goods and/or Services Requirement

Amended Classification and Identification of Goods and Services Requirement

Multi-Class Application Requirements

Translation Statement Requirement

Name Inquiry

Request for Information

I received a “Notice of Allowance” from USPTO, but now I need a Statement of Use?

Can I get an extension to file a Statement of Use?

Submitting a Statement of Use

Unacceptable Specimen or Statement of Use

Mark on Specimen and Drawing Do not Match

Sections 1, 2, and 5 Refusal - Mark is Ornamental

Section 2(d) Refusal - Likelihood of Confusion

Advisory: Prior Pending Application(s) Filed

I received a Suspension Notice about a Prior Pending Application(s)

Section 2(e)(1) Refusal – Mark is Merely Descriptive

Section 2(e)(2) Refusal – Mark is Primarily Geographically Descriptive

Section 2(e)(4) Refusal – Primarily Merely a Surname Refusal

Advisory: Supplemental Register

Advisory: Section 2(f) Acquired Distinctiveness

Failure to Function Refusal: Merely Informational or Commonplace Messages

Title of a Single Work Refusal

My Application Abandoned

About this course

Trademarks 103 represents the bulk of trademark prosecution.

After applying for a trademark, the most common result is receiving an Office Action, a written correspondence from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office that specifies outstanding “issues”.  

In Trademarks 103, each video highlights a particular “issue” from an Office Action.  That way, users can focus only on those educational videos that are relevant to resolving the specific issues at hand.

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