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Course Syllabus

Welcome to Trademarks 101

What is a Trademark?

When Should I register for a federal trademark?

The 5 Types of Trademarks

How to do a federal direct hit trademark search

What happens if you don't register your trademark?

Amazon Brand Registry 5 Things to Know about Registering your Trademark

Picking a Brand Name

What is the difference between trademarks and service marks?

When to use the TM, SM, or R symbol?

Why Lebron James’ “TACO TUESDAY” Application Failed (AKA Why Some Trademarks “Fail to Function”)

How Tom Brady Totally Botched his trademark application (and how you can learn from his mistake)

The Ultimate Trademark Loophole Apple Uses to Protect Trillions of Dollars of Brand Value

What is the difference between a “Use in Commerce” and “Intent to Use” Trademark Application?

What is the difference between a trademark, copyright, and patent?

Should I register my business name or logo first?